Riding upstream will get your cookies crushed



I love to ride my bicycle. I also hate many of Charleston's cyclists. This one goes out to the pricks riding their bikes on the wrong side of King Street yesterday, swerving, hands full of groceries. Do you realize I almost killed you? Well, I know you do, because you looked at me like I was a piece of shit as I slammed on the brakes. NEWSFLASH: Bikes must abide by the same law as cars, meaning you should stay on your fucking side of the road. I'm not sure where you get the logic that it's safer to ride the wrong way. Probably the same place your cousin got the logic that it's smart to ride a bike with a fucking baby on the handlebars (yes I've seen this multiple times). I hope you dropped your groceries and all of your eggs broke and your beer bottles broke and your cookies got run over by a car.

-A hex on your bike


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