Old man gets a helping hand


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I was going into the ladies room of a large discount store on Dorchester Rd. in Summerville today when I saw a feeble old man trying to get off the store's motorized cart to go into the men's rest room. A (lady)store employee helped him off the cart and to the door. When I came back by there about 5 minutes later, I saw the cart was still by the door. I waited for about 5 minutes because I was worried he might have fallen, or maybe lacked the strength to open the heavy door. I was wondering what I could do when a big guy in a white shirt came out of the restroom. I asked him if the old man was O.K. and explained why I was worried about him. He said he would check on the man and make sure he got out alright. Relieved, I went about my shopping. About 15 minutes later I saw the old man in the grocery section and the big guy was helping him get his groceries.
Thank you big guy. A thousand atta boy points for you.




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