27 days of noodles in the pokey



Going to jail sucks. Going to jail for stupid shit like expired tags sucks even more. Not many are raising their hand stuntin' that they went to jail cause they didnt pay tickets for violating driving regulations. Whatever, your in. Now your trying to figure out how the hell to get out...
Day 1) "All right, what they hell do I need to do get out of here. Lets see. I got x amount of tickets, and owe x amount of dollars. Oh, I know..Ill ask the boys in blue (and women too) what to do, who to pay..YEAH YEAH!"
Day 2) hmm....Ive asked 4 people who to pay and what to do, but no one seems to have a clue. Ramen Noodles cast $3 a pack? What the fuck...
Day 3-8) All right, Finally, after stewing for 5 days and mastering Spades, I found out how much I owe. They must know the right amount right? Ill tell my people to pay it when they call so I can get the hell out of this crapshack. Dont they serve any solid foods up in this joint....?
Day 9) Ok.they've paid. Its 4 in the afternoon. I cant wait to get out of here.. waiting waiting waiting...2am rolls around. The boy in blue who cant see his feet comes wobbling over to me.."So I know I told you if you paid $700 you could get out of here? Well...ACTUALLY its $400 more." WHAT?! "Yeah, youve been misinformed. Sorry. Want me to tell the person whose been in the waiting area for 3 hours your not getting out?" Dick.
Day 10) My people mustered up another $400 and paid it. Man, Im fortunate. FINALLY I can go home and stop watching Lockdown on tv every fuckin day. You wanna watch Lockdown WHILE your on lockdown? Really? waiting...waiting...waiting..4am rolls around. What is taking so long? The hamburglar walks in again..."So you know i told you if you paid $400 more you would get out? yeah...well..(sounding like the boss from Office Space), actually its $200 more. Hmm..someones waiting out there in the waiting room for you probably. Ill go ahead and tell them they can leave without you."
17 days later people...17 FUCKIN DAYS LATER, they figure out they had the paperwork and amount owed all wrong. Yeah, people go to jail. Some deserve it, some people were at the wrong place and the wrong time, and some were just lazy with payin tickets, but that doesnt give these assholes the right to sit on their asses collecting unmerited money and treating anyone like shit because you dont make shit in salary. 27 days spent in jail. My people went back and forth back and forth between court houses, judges, town halls, everywhere, day in and out, talking to who knows how many blank faces, just to be told in the end "well actually you have to go BACK to that place and do this or that," EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST LEFT THERE AND THEY TOLD YOU TO COME HERE!!
27 days, back and forth between brick building after brick building, talking to dozens, honestly..dozens of people trying to figure out A) HOW MUCH IS OWED B) WHERE DO DO YOU PAY IT C) WHY IS IT THIS AMOUNT WHEN YOUR PARTNER OVER HERE TOLD ME IT WAS THAT AMOUNT!?!?
We rely on law enforcement, they do their thing, I mind my business..whatever. Not until now, when I realized, the majority of those people behind that bulletproof glass, do not give a shit about what they do. People who are bound in jail, realizing they screwed up, just wanting to do the right thing; pay their fine and move on with their life, cant even do that. Backs are turned, hands thrown up in the air. Regardless of the charge, they all look down upon you and see you as an inmate. Not even worth their $9 per hour time..
27 days spent in jail for suspended license tickets because no one would take the time to figure out what was wrong with the paperwork and why the amount owed kept changing. In 27 days over $600 was paid that didnt have to be paid because it takes DAYS for paperwork to get to one office to another. DONT THEY HAVE EMAIL??! 27 days, an No one would take the time to figure out why the courthouse didnt even have a record of even BEING in jail. Something's gotta change.
In 27 days, I have lost all respect for this local institution.


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