Lacoste Fashion Show



32dc/1239738172-img_4754.jpg Historic King Street is like Charleston’s everyday runway. There’s no better place for people-watching, whether you’re scoping out great fashion or some of the city’s notoriously hot residents. But once a year a portion of the street closes down and a runway literally runs down the street for the Lacoste fashion show, one of the kick-off events for the Family Circle Cup. The bright, preppy Lacoste fashions do a great job of complementing the street’s classic facades, and it’s always a much-hyped event. But alas, the magic was a little subdued this year. Due to the threat of rain, the show was moved indoors to the Riviera Theatre on Monday evening. With its art-deco detailing and generous size, the theatre was an acceptable substitute, but really no match for the pastel perfection of Lower King. Still, the (dripping) faithful crowded around the runway, Brooke Ryan emceed, and Mayor Riley gave a few choice words on the beauty of Charleston to introduce the event, and all was well. The smiling models were refreshing, though a few of their pasted-on grins looked downright maniacal. Our favorite was actually player Dominika Cibulkova (at left), who strode down the runway looking genuinely happy, tan, and confident (as she should — she’s the number 7 seed at FCC). The clothes were great — classic, casual Lacoste — and of course the adorable kids and Pet Helpers pups were the biggest hits. Let’s hope the remainder of the Family Circle Cup sees more agreeable weather. See more pics here.

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