Victoria's to close, Butterfly will absorb stock



Victoria’s Consignments in Mt. Pleasant is closing soon, but owner Amanda Rosen isn’t worried about the change. In fact, she believes that the closing will give her the chance to focus more on the Butterfly brand.

“It’s a marvelous opportunity to incorporate fabulous designers for larger size clothes into our Butterfly [boutiques],” Rosen says.
Victoria’s Curvaceous Consignments was specifically designed to provide stylish plus-size clothing to women in the Lowcountry. Now that the store will be closing, those same plus-size brands will be moved into Rosen's two other boutiques. According to Rosen, anybody that purchased clothing at Victoria’s Consignment will still be on contact at their flagship location downtown.

Rosen will still conduct business at her two other locations: Butterfly Women’s Consignment Boutique at 482 King Street and Butterfly in Belle Hall Center, Mt. Pleasant.

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