Bill Murray sports Brackish bowtie at the Oscars

At least his neck looked sharp


  • Robyn Beck
Yesterday we heard from Jeff Plotner, one of the men behind the local bowtie design company Brackish Bowties, that one of their unique feather bowties was once again in the national spotlight — this time on Bill Murray's neck. The actor was spotted wearing a green and black peacock feather one at the Oscars on Sunday. We think it's pretty cool that he chose to wear one of the handmade ties, all of which are made locally by Charleston artisans, to the award show. 

The bowtie was a bright spot (literally) on what was, frankly, not the spiffiest look. Murray's tux was kinda rumpled and old-mannish. But hey — if we'd had a career as successful as Bill Murray's, we probably wouldn't get too worked up about how we looked on the red carpet either.

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