What to wear to Charleston Fashion Week

Long, white, stripes?


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Fashion week starts today and I'm getting all kinds of nervous just thinking about it, because, honestly, I have no idea what to wear. Common sense tells me to keep it simple and wear something ironed and not too stained. Sound good, fashionistas?

I've rounded up some tips from local bloggers as well as one of this year's sponsors, Belk. Charleston is nothing if not a city full of fashion bloggers and I've found some I think are particularly useful — head to these sites/Facebooks/Instagrams for tips on how to look your best at CFW.

*If you're a CHS blogger with some fashion tips, please let me know and I'll add you to the list below, just email me at connelly@charlestoncitypaper.com.

Charleston Shop Curator. Andrea Serrano worked as a fashion stylist in New York before moving to Charleston and running two different stores, B'zar and Suite Sole. She was recently on Lowcountry Live with some CFW advice. She's also one of the judges for the Emerging Designer competition, so she knows what she's talking about.

Annie Reeves. At 23, Reeves is the youngest blogger I found, but that doesn't mean her look isn't timeless. A fan of neutrals and pops of color, I'd steal something out of this gal's closet any day.

Holy City Chic. Megan Stokes has a clean and classy blog, but it's her quick links to items you can buy, a la liketoknow.it (a way to shop via Instagram) that makes it even easier to snag her style. Oh, and she's pregnant and rockin' the cutest maternity clothes I've ever seen.

Hanging with the Hewitts. While Caycee Hewitt's style doesn't exactly line up with mine (you will never catch me in a Lily Pulitzer anything, with God as my witness), her preppy style is perfectly suited for the Lowcountry, especially since Lilly P. will be walking the runway on Thursday.

The Manual. Guys can dress well, too. I think most dress better than I do. Cator Sparks and I somehow became Facebook friends a few months back, and now I'm on his "Essential Guide for Men" website all the time.

Belk's VP of all things stylish recommends layering long and lean. - PROVIDED
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  • Belk's VP of all things stylish recommends layering long and lean.

Belk's new VP of fashion and trend, Cynthia Washburn-Nester also has some tips for what to wear to fashion week. She knows what's "trend right" as they say. Here's what she had to say:
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1) Get nautical, wear stripes. 

2) Go long over lean. 

3) White clothes always look good. 

4) Lace it up (with lace-up shoes).

5) Get in the swing — '70s remix of fashion includes fringe, denim, suede, and platforms. 

To get an idea of this throwback look, head to Marion Square on Wednesday, where Lake City's Mosaic will be featuring bright, '70s-style clothes at their runway show.

And if none of those tips sound good to you, then we recommend trying out our favorite accessory: man's best friend.

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