Nordstrom-owned Trunk Club closing Cigar Factory location

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  • Sam Spence
Trunk Club says it's closing its Charleston Clubhouse location in the Cigar Factory (701 E. Bay St.) at the end of the month.

Trunk Club, which offers personal stylist services by mail, opened the local clubhouse in the newly-reopened Cigar Factory building in 2016 to provide an in-person experience to compliment the company's services which are usually offered virtually. Founded with venture capital money in 2009, Trunk Club was bought by Nordstrom in 2013 for $350 million.

Asked about the closure, a Trunk Club media rep included the following with a statement:

"Closing a Clubhouse isn't a decision we take lightly, because it has an impact on our people and our customers. We remain committed to serving the Charleston market, and believe the best way for us to do that moving forward is by focusing on our Trunk service."

The company occupied a ground floor storefront space in the historic building as well as a large chunk of the second story of the pristine renovated factory building. Earlier this week, Koko Fit Club also closed its doors at the Cigar Factory.

Trunk Club says the local Clubhouse will take appointments through June 1.

Location Details The Cigar Factory
701 East Bay St.
Charleston, SC
(843) 723-4444

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