Designer Kate Connick (daughter of Harry, duh) among those showing new items at Charleston Fashion Week event

Versatile athleisure for the win


Charleston Fashion Week (CFW), which this year decided to split up its usual week-long schedule of events into a series of events throughout the year, hosts its second fashion shindig on Fri. June 14 at 7 p.m. at Memminger Auditorium. Snag tickets starting at $40 online.
Guests can look forward to female-focused runway shows including versatile athleisure wear from Kate Connick Clothing. Daughter of Harry Connick, Jr. and Jill Goodacre, Kate is both a designer and model. Rumor has it that Harry himself may make an appearance in Charleston, so, there's that.

Additional presenting designers include: Gomez-Gracia, from London-based designer Patricia Gomez-Gracia, who "rocks cheeky yet classic looks"; local boutique, Magnifique, which brings its hot women's fashion and a pop-up store so you can really shop the runway; and CFW's 2018 emerging women's fashion designer winner, Tygerian Lace.
What you can expect from the Kate Connick clothing line. - PROVIDED
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  • What you can expect from the Kate Connick clothing line.

There will be interactive experiences sponsored by Lexus throughout the event, including the 'color me Lexus' nail bar from local nail salon, water room; a paint you-on-the-spot opportunity from Lexus fashion illustrator Daniel Velasco; and a photo booth opportunity (score!) with a unique installation.

The evening's entertainment features performances from Duolan Li, aka DJ Auntie Ayi, an aerial show from Elevate, and an interactive drag show after the runway shows.

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